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FILES DokuWiki plugin.

My boss want to have files + documentation storage.
The simplest way to have well-structed documentation storage is to use Wiki.
But simple Wiki is not enogth.

Features, that we need:
1) attach files/dirs to Wiki and coment them all
2) have HTTP/WebDav/FTP access to the files storage
3) define ACL's for files storage
4) create filestorage pages using templates

My way to do this - is the plugin FILES.
I also write some instructions how to make this features work.

I'm sorry, I have no time to create a well-formed plugin for modern Dokuwiki installation. But if you really need it - you can install this plugin, read my ./NOTE.txt in each directory and make this work for you wth some manual work.

It's not the well-formed plugin, It's just the way "how to cook the cat".

// Look at the files.html for examples
// look at the source code (files_all.tar.gz) for understanding